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October 2018:

Student, T.L.: 

   In our first session, we had different goals set for us. Our first goal was to find a way to represent a connection between our team, in whichever way we chose, and include everyone in the group. We chose to represent physical connection by linking arms, then began to talk to each other using casual conversation.                                                               

   Our second goal was to move a specific horse from inside to outside using whatever tools we had access to in the arena - AS A TEAM - and being sure that everyone in our group was HEARD. We tried many different ways as a team, such as "bribing" the horse using its food, using toys, giving it space or trying to all build a wall behind him. Somewhere in the process, the guide brought in a donkey, which at the time we didn't pay attention to but later realized that the donkey was a clue for us. It took us a while to use the harnesses to guide the horse outside, and we were  successful in getting him outside, but we had forgotten          the donkey, who the horse was connected to, and had to bring him outside using the harness as well. After we completed that task, we had a quick conversation about what that activity represented.


Our third task was simple - to say hello to all the horses that were outside, so we all went around and said hello to all the horses. We then had to build an obstacle for the horses to get through, and we were successful in getting one horse through, but that activity was a little scattered because we had different people in the team doing other tasks. 


   At the beginning of the session during our first task, it felt very awkward. It was a completely different environment, and we all had to hone in to one another. During the second task, I honestly felt a little dumb because we were being observed by the adults and trying all these things to move the horse, and then I felt bad because the horse seemed to not like us. In the end of that task, I felt extremely stupid at that point because the task was so simple and we made it more difficult than it needed to be. By the time that the third task came around, I was comfortable in my environment, especially when I was connecting to the horses, because I could feel the vibes that they were giving off (not in a total hippie way).


When we had to build an obstacle, I chose to first bring the horse that seemed to like me the most (which is the one I am in the picture with) and it made me feel closer to the horse than before. I felt bad for all the horses, because you could tell which ones were more guarded, especially since they all are rescued horses. Overall, the experience with the horses was a very memorable one, and I realized just how therapeutic the horses can be, and I can't wait to build a strong connection with all of the horses.

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EAP, Oct5, 201813 Getting Gray out of Ba